Saturday, June 21, 2003

From Reuters
US troops smash open homes to hunt for Iraqi militants
I was going to say 'Today in Iraq, tomorrow in America' but this violation of civil liberties already happens in America - remember Waco, Ruby Ridge and Elián Gonzalez?

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
An ugly new church?
I'm not as harsh on it as Lee - unlike a lot of ugly Mass-boxes built in the 1950s it has a postmodern artistic sense about it. I really like the bell tower, inside and out. I agree, however, about the iconoclastic, über-modern interiors, Bauhaus or International Style style stuff like (ugh) the UN. I've been on the tour of the UN - majorly cheesy.

Which reminds me of the wonderful Catholic monastery of Chevetogne, whose site has been linked on my Eastern Churches page for some time and was mentioned and linked on another blog recently. Their Byzantine Rite chapel, built in the Russian Orthodox tradition, dates from the 1950s - when I see it in pictures I instinctively react thinking, 'This is a Catholic church' (see my May 16 blog entry for more on this). When I see their Roman Rite chapel, built much later, I think and feel, 'This is a rather mean little Protestant church, like middle-of-the-road C of E or lukewarm Lutheran.'

Lee has made me aware of the American Prowler site, part of The American Spectator, which has a lot of good, thought-provoking stuff:
Could the Pope be arrested for ‘hate crimes’?
It’s possible in the New World Order.

From the Italian Catholic journal L’Espresso
Heresy: when do interfaith gestures go too far?

Where are the men?
The feminization of RC liturgy
Lee Penn: There is one element missing from the analysis: these days, how many parents
will want to leave their teenage son alone with a Catholic priest who might be
prone to "celebrating diversity" and "achieving a holistic integration of
spirituality and sexuality"?

Asia Times: US finds communist ally against mullahs in Iran
Lee Penn: Note that this story is fron an Indian official.

Lee: Let's put this in context. The US allied with the Muslim fundamentalists in
Afghanistan to fight the USSR. We ended up with the Taliban and Osama. We
allied with Saddam in the 1980 to fight the Muslim fundamentalists in Iran - and
since waged two wars against Saddam. Now we have allied with some unpopular
monarchists in Iran, and have a de facto alliance with the Iranian communists,
against the Iranian mullahs.

Lee: My description of our policy: "crackpot realism".

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