Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Happy feast day of St Barnabas (Roman Rite and Book of Common Prayer), traditional Roman Catholics.

'When I was a USAF pilot learning to fly in clouds, I learned that feelings cannot be trusted. One may think they are flying level and actually be descending or think they are going straight and turning. Pilots need the objective external standard of the instruments to navigate the plane. In matters of faith, feelings can be just as deceptive. As Christians we have the objective standard of Biblical truth and apostolic teaching. When we depart from that standard, chaos will ensue.' - Dr Bill Atwood

Blix accuses US of smear campaign

Turkish PM to meet with patriarch of Constantinople
ISTANBUL 10/06/2003 (ANA - A. Kourkoulas) - Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan will meet with Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos on Thursday in Ankara, in light of the Turkish national assembly's approval of international agreements, which concern the Patriarchate.

The ratification of agreements concerning the protection of the social and cultural rights of minorities, which was accomplished despite objections tabled by the Turkish armed forces' general staff, paves the path for the re-opening of the Halki Academy of Theology [closed in 1971].

The ratification of these agreements was part of the government's efforts to cover the space separating Turkey from the European legal framework.

At least three U.S. presidents and scores of U.S. and European foreign ministers have repeatedly stressed to the Turkish government their sensitivity over the Halki Academy issue and the freedoms of the Patriarchate in its historic seat.

Turkey, however, had connected the re-opening of the academy with the establishment of Islamic education centers in Turkey and maintained reservations over the implementation of international agreements concerning the cultural and social rights of minorities.

The Patriarch, who returned from a visit to the Baltic, where he presided over an ecology conference, will table the issue of property rights of the Greek community's foundations, which are not covered by the laws ratified by the Turkish national assembly in this recent effort to meet EU legal framework standards.

From David Virtue
50 lies of the Episcopal Church
Over the past 25 years or so. (Sorry, this is long - couldn't find a link for it.) You can hear the same or similar lies from other houses of worship/ministers and indeed from secular culture in general.

1. The Church has AIDS. This is the mantra of the Rev. Ted Karpf, an ECUSA "missionary" working with the Anglican Province of Southern Africa to explore ways to deal with the AIDS crisis in that country. The Church is sick, true, but it is Christ's body and it doesn't have AIDS. Individuals have AIDS, mostly obtained through heterosexual or homosexual fornication. [Reminds me of 'Ignorance causes AIDS'. No.] To say the Church has AIDS is a lie perpetrated to make the church feel guilty for its failure to adequately address the issue and accept sexually deviant behavior as normal... which it is not.

2. Chicken dinners were used by Western Evangelicals to bribe African bishops to secure their votes against the homosexual resolution at Lambeth ’98. It was not then, and is not now true, despite constant repetition of the lie by the former Suffragan Bishop of Massachusetts.

3. Sexual inclusivity will make churches grow. The truth is every major Protestant denomination that has wittingly accepted homosexuality as normative human behavior is fighting for its survival. The United Church of Canada has lost 13,000 members in the last year alone and has steadily lost members since embracing this behavior in the late ’80s.

4. Pluriformity, that is, accepting pluriform truths™, while denying there is any absolute truth and that all truth is relative, is a lie. Ontological truth is a term to describe things that actually are true whether believed or not. While there are indeed many truths, the uniqueness of gospel truth transcends all other truths and Jesus can be known, accepted and believed on, without in any way endangering truth that can be found in the Arts, Sciences or any academic discipline.

5. Sexual Diversity™ is approved of by God and therefore the church must change its narrow view that sexual expression can be found only between a man and a woman in marriage. It's a lie. Sex outside of marriage has produced an AIDS pandemic and there are more sexually transmitted diseases today than ever before, causing widespread unhappiness and an increase in the divorce statistics. Biblical diversity has to do with every race, color and nation hearing the Good News, and being offered an opportunity to accept or reject it.

6. The approval of a rite for same-sex blessings will procure God's blessing and will cause his Holy Spirit to be poured out on the Episcopal Church in great blessing and spiritual renewal.

7. The Moral Law has been nullified and relegated to the garbage heap because we live in a day of grace and anything goes. Furthermore if General Convention approves of it, God is somehow compelled to embrace it.

8. St. Paul was a self-loathing homosexual because Jack Spong says so.

9. All the liberal and revisionist bishops think that when they die they will go to heaven because they helped to change God's mind for him about how human beings should behave sexually, especially dumbed-down Episcopalians. They believe they will have a special place at God's left hand because they helped the church to overcome its 'homophobia'. [Literally in Greek I think that just means 'fear of sameness'! Maybe the people using the word are just being fashion critics or something.]

10. Racism by conservatives and homophobism are the only two sins left in ECUSA. There are unnumbered thousands of conservative racists in the Episcopal Church who need anti-racist training courses to cure them of their racism. The truth is liberal racism, the kind that dismisses leaders from the Two-Thirds world, is acceptable. Two fine examples of that are bishops John Shelby Spong (Newark ret.) for his remarks about Africans at Lambeth 1998 and Charles E. Bennison who compared the rise of Nazism with the growth of the Anglican Church in Africa. Neither man has ever repented of his sin of racism.

11. North American bishops are better educated than African bishops. Wrong. There are more African bishops with EARNED advanced university degrees and Ph.D's than bishops in the Anglican Church of Canada and the ECUSA put together. (See for the full story.)

12. There are 2.3 million persons in the Episcopal Church. On the books that may be true, but there are only 800,000 practicing Episcopalians in church on any given Sunday. There are lots of people who would say, "it is the Episcopal Church that I don't go to." [Except maybe as a pretty place to have a high-society wedding or perhaps a Bach concert.]

13. Episcopal bishops and clergy who think they know more about what God has revealed about how we should live, will earn God's special "well done thou good and faithful servant."

14. Clergy who seek the role of bishop have clean hands and pure hearts and reluctantly put themselves in the running to advance God's agenda revealed in Holy Scripture.

15. Collegiality among the House of Bishops is less important than God's Word written.

16. Frank Griswold is known for his ability to tell the truth at all times and in all places so the gospel can go forth with great power to change people's lives.

17. Charles Bennison is a Christian.

18. Louie Crew and Ernest, the Integrity organization and Claiming the Blessing crowd think that they have changed God's mind for Him about sexuality, and deserve His/Her special favor for doing so. They think they will be cited for their radiantly new morality and be seated next to the 12 Apostles at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

19. Anybody who disagrees with the now changed view of human sexual behavior in ECUSA are homophobes and will die and go to Hell, presuming, of course, that there is one.

20. The only reason to have a Hell at all is to confine persons who don't agree with the current zeitgeist and pansexual behavior.

21. Hell, if it does exist, will be filled with narrow-minded homophobic people of orthodox persuasion, who, because they could not see the new true light, deserve to spend eternity in the lake of fire.

22. Frank Griswold will put aside collegiality for the higher call for unity in the gospel.

23. Gospel proclamation is more important than collegiality in the House of Bishops.

24. God cares more about what bishops think than what laity think and do.

25. There will be more bishops in heaven than in hell.

26. The Anglican Church in Canada will not go out of business in the next 20 years helped along by recent actions of New Westminster Bishop Michael Ingham in blessing what God has proscribed. Statistically the Canadian Anglican Church will now begin an upward climb in numbers, now that one of its bishops has embraced same-sex blessings.

27. Michael Ingham, the Bishop of New Westminster will go to heaven one day for his courageous views and stand advancing a new sexuality. He will be given the honor of sitting to the right of the Son who will be sitting next to the Father who will be blessing Louie and Ernest.

28. The Anglican Communion will not now come apart because sexual diversity will finally be embraced by African and Asian bishops and their dioceses.

29. African bishops' narrow understanding of the gospel will be their undoing, because they have failed to grasp post-modernity and new ways of thinking outside the box (read Holy Scripture).

30. God winks at our misbehavior and basically has a 'boys will be boys' attitude towards sin.

31. Barbara Harris is a Christian because, she says, the church doesn't need white males dripping blood from crosses. [Seems those couple of night courses at Villanova University - Ms Harris' only theological training - really taught her a lot.]

32. Orthodox dioceses that think they can find compromise language to accommodate sodomy as a legitimate sexual behavior will find favor in the eyes of God.

33. Because the Bishop of Pennsylvania is in the vanguard of new theological thinking he would make a great Presiding Bishop to lead the ECUSA when Frank Griswold retires in 2005.

34. The Anglican Mission in America will slowly wither and die because it has a narrow, truncated view of the Christian faith that doesn't fit the post-modern world we live in.

35. The Episcopal Church's embracing of changed thinking about the Trinity, moving personal language speaking of Father, Son and Holy Spirit to functional language like Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer will result in more people pouring into the church.

36. Jack Spong will one day go to heaven.

37. God will honor Spong's Twelve Theses by placing them in the equivalent of a Jeffersonian rotunda where millions will flock to view them and wonder at a whole new way of thinking about God and His plan of salvation.

38. God will honor Jack Spong with his own equivalent of an honorary doctorate for his brave new world thinking.

39. St. Paul will be made to take multiple courses in reparative theology and morality to rid himself of his self-loathing views about sexuality.

40. The Great Apostle will come to accept his true homosexual self. [It is perfectly orthodox and simply honest for homosexuals to admit to themselves and accept that they have this problem/temptation, like being alcoholic or armless. The issue here is conduct.]

41. The program to double ECUSA by 2020 by Ted Mollegen will be such an enormous success the Roman Catholic Church and Southern Baptist Convention will have to sit up and take note and copy ECUSA to experience our extraordinary growth. [Historical fact: it always was a tiny denomination in the US and it's getting smaller. The only reasons it gets any attention are in the past - it once was the church of the ruling elite and it once was backed by an empire - and because it's fun for secular types to beat on the Catholic Church with it, owing to its similar government and nomenclature.]

42. Louie Crew is not jeopardizing his soul by having endless anal sex with Ernest. Crew does not have a seared conscience.

43. The acceptance of multiple sexualities under the umbrella Lesbitransgay in the Episcopal Church will cause millions to flock to join the ECUSA, resulting in the church will have to open new seminaries. [Well, the Episcopal newsgroup on Usenet is really the 'gay ex-Catholics' newsgroup but I think far more such people are New Age or honestly secular.]

44. There will still be 11 ECUSA seminaries around in the next five years.

45. The two orthodox seminaries, Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry and Nashotah House, will go out of business for lack of students and funds and because they have a narrow unacceptable theology. [How orthodox really is something that has lady ministers, as the formerly Anglo-Catholic Nashotah House does?]

46. With Canon Gene Robinson becoming ECUSA's first openly homosexual bishop complete with his lover in tow, it will see a revival of the Episcopal Church bigger than an appeal at a Billy Graham Crusade. [No sale. Like I said, the kind of people that might appeal to have no need for, and I'd add no respect for, a hypocritical 'church' that adopts the secular world as its magisterium. Such are more likely to be New Age or secular, and hate but respect orthodox churches that don't patronize them by bowdlerizing their message.]

47. God can't wait to tell Frank Griswold at the Last Judgement that he was in the vanguard of a whole new way of thinking about Christianity, and that God wishes that he had thought of the idea of meeting Sufi Dumi in a field so they could all just get along. [For all I know, Sufis are pretty cool (read my Rumi quotation) and the one issue where Mr Virtue and I part ways has to do with secular politics - he supports the bellicosity of the US government towards the Muslim world.]

48. Revisionism is the 'shock and awe' hope of renewing the Episcopal Church. [It didn't work in the Catholic Church either, as the recent gay-priest disaster makes painfully obvious.]

49. When the roll is called up yonder Frank and ECUSA's 70 revisionist bishops will hear those words, "well done thou good and faithful servants."

50. God can't wait to pour out his Holy Spirit on the ECUSA because she has helped God change His/Her mind on so many issues. [Sounds like they worship 'What's that? It's Pat!' (remember that?) but of course they really worship themselves.]

The Revd David Moyer on Pat Buchanan’s MSNBC program yesterday
Complete transcript: scroll down

Commentary: bishop of cheap grace
Mr Robinson of New Hampshire vs. the Pope
by Uwe Siemon Netto

In the post
High crimes vs. Hillary and her husband
by Ilana Mercer
'Here's the nub and the rub: Smart people know that truth is immutable and objectively ascertainable. They know that, while a lie is a lie, some lies are face-saving understandable fibs, while others are deadly and dreadful breaches and infractions.

'Bush's lies about the war on Iraq were the latter.'

Speaking of untruths:

New York Times may have its 1932 Pulitzer revoked
For spreading pro-Stalin propaganda - Ukrainian-American groups ask for recall
'Stalin's man-made famine of 1932-33 was perhaps the largest mass killing in human history, likely surpassing even Hitler's extermination campaigns.' Yet we never hear about it.

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