Friday, June 27, 2003

Съ праздникомъ
Happy feast day of St Jonah, metropolitan of Moscow, and of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, Russian Orthodox. The latter, also known as St John Maximovich (d. 1966), seems to be one of Russian Orthodoxy's universally loved modern saints.

For those who enjoy that sort of thing
There is new MIDI music on my original site's Intro page - a beautiful piece.

Dan Lauffer, through his posting at, has reminded me of this site:

Perhaps what Iraq's Chaldean Catholics and Assyrian Christians have to look forward to, thanks to Bush's meddling? Let's pray they are spared this.

Freedom works both ways... so does government power
A final word about the overturning of Texas' rarely enforced anti-sodomy law: as much as one might like to ban such, it's not the government's place to do that. Consider: if we Christians, for example, willingly hand the government that much power to intrude in one's private life, it will probably boomerang on us - one's religion could be classed as a 'hate crime', for example. Freedom protects Christians, too. That's why in the US, at least in the values of the Old Republic, people have the right to be wrong - as long as they don't harm others.

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