Monday, June 09, 2003

Happy Gregorian-date feast day of St Cyril of Alexandria, controversialist and theologian (d. 444), Eastern Orthodox.

From A conservative blog for peace correspondent Samer al-Batal
Rumsfeld poetry
Can you dig it? (Hit bongos here.) It's like Zen koans about make-believe weapons of mass destruction.

At least Jack Kerouac and Lawrence Ferlinghetti never killed people in another country for no good reason.

LRC blog about New Hampshire’s gay Anglican bishop-elect
The old fault line in the world and in Christianity between Protestant/false northern Europe and Catholic/Orthodox/true southern and eastern Europe has shifted - the dividing line is now First vs. Third World, the former apostasising and the latter catching and keeping the faith of the apostles, as this dispute in the Anglican Communion and the recent rude treatment of Kenyan Francis Cardinal Arinze at Georgetown University illustrate. The old line has blurred - Spain, Italy and Greece are as secular as Britain, Holland and Sweden at this point (Vatican II certainly accelerated the process) - but is still somewhat true. Those in Anglo-America who choose the faith (and who see through the other alternative of Protestant fundamentalism that's native to the culture) are seen crossing over to eastern Europe on this religious map. Witness what I call the convert 'boomlet' to Eastern Orthodoxy in the US over the past 20 years - something nobody, including the small, complacent, ethnically based Eastern Orthodox churches themselves, expected or could have predicted.

I have no delusions about the perfection or self-sufficiency of Byzantine Greece or medieval or Tsarist Russia (as if either were a substitute for the universality of the faith), nor do I hold as a matter of faith that 'Russia will save the world' - in fact, with the double-whammy of decades of Communism and today's secularism it's probably far worse off than the West right now, spiritually and materially - but potentially a revived Orthodox Russia could do so, and wouldn't it be great if it did?

More from Lew Rockwell:
Why no World No-Abortion Day?
The hypocrisy of the Left
by Carlo Stagnaro

Martha, my dear
On the demonisation of Martha Stewart: while one (such as one of my favourite cultural commentators, Paul Fussell) might question the honesty or the whole notion of trying to sell Connecticut upper-middle-class WASP social status to K-Mart shoppers, I have to admire this Polish gal from Nutley, N.J. - quite lovely in a way, she is an ex-model - for trying to make the world of 'average Americans' a more tasteful, stylish place. I saw part of the TV movie about her and thought it had the potential to become a camp favourite like Mommie Dearest. For more on the embattled Mrs Stewart, read the June 9 entries on Lew Rockwell's excellent blog.

Fun with spam
Get that Spare Projector Lamp before the lights go out!
Many of you feel bad for zis lamp. Zat iss because you're crazy - it has no feelings! And the new one from Ikea is so much betterrrr.

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