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Съ праздникомъ
Почти каждый день церковный праздник, да? Happy Julian-date commemoration of the third finding of the head of St John the Baptist, Eastern Orthodox. (I somewhat irreverently wonder how it got misplaced the first couple of times.)

Most people reading this probably know this already, but here it is again:

The American republic is dead; the American empire is born
by Joseph Sobran
Not rhetoric but historical fact.

Ex-official: evidence distorted for war
No kidding.

God have mercy on the US.

From the Serbian journal Глас Jавности:
Patriarch Paul III won’t welcome Pope at Banja Luka
'Foreign Minister Svilanovic proposed that Patriarch Pavle welcome the Pope in Banja Luka; the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church refused. Mass at the massacre site of Petricevac, where Ustashe slaughtered 2,730 Serbs, among them 500 children. Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church: a provocation.'

The atrocities committed against Orthodox Serbs during World War II by ostensibly Catholic Croats (who are of the same ethnicity and speak the same language), burning people alive in churches and shoving hundreds of orthodox, apostolic Christians off cliffs, are nothing to dismiss... but might the Pope have wanted to offer the sacrifice of Christ at that spot to finally make peace, to effect reconciliation?

What I’m listening to (and watching)
Beat the Donkey: Cyro Baptista and band - part music, part performance art. Santana meets Stomp! - on acid. And the few lyrics are in Brazilian Portuguese (Baptista's native language), which means they have a similar feel musically as Spanish but I can't understand them, making the proceedings even more mysterious and cool. Check them out!

New Hampshire Episcopalians elect gay bishop
Talk about having the form of religion but denying the power thereof!

As if James Pike, John A.T. Robinson and John Spong weren't bad enough.

In 1989, a woman (ipso facto not a candidate for the apostolic ministry, period) with no real academic credentials was consecrated a bishop in the Episcopal Church in a sort of ecclesiastical 'affirmative action', and now this - a man who ditched his wife and openly practises sodomy is considered fit to be a 'reverend father in God'.


If they officially have devil worship at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco or at the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine in New York, I won't be surprised at this point.

Duly noted: most of the world's Anglicans, in Africa and Asia, want nothing to do with this.

Coronation jubilee service was flat and anticlimactic
Signs of 'a secular and cynical nation'
by Ian Bradley, The Guardian
'The essence of coronations is that they are full of religious symbolism and imagery, and exude mystery and magic. Those elements were almost wholly missing on Monday. Why was the regalia - the crown, the golden spurs, the two-edged sword, the bracelets, the orb, the sceptre, the ring and the glove - with which the Queen was originally invested not on display this time?

'These medieval symbols of justice, mercy, sincerity, wisdom, charity and self-sacrifice surely speak to a generation brought up on Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. They are marvellous iconic representations of values that most of us still admire, and wish to see affirmed and actualised at both the communal and individual level - yet they were missing as visual prompts in this word-laden service.

'Why also was there no active participation from Commonwealth representatives, that unique family of disparate peoples bound together by loyalty to the Queen and the values she embodies...?

'Somehow with this service, the Church of England, which stage-managed the funerals of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, so superbly, lost its touch. It provided neither the intimacy nor the ritual that was promised.'

From the Net
The English people’s real reaction to the ‘Reformation’
Many thanks to DCS, Philadelphia:

'We wyll haue the Sacrament hang ouer the hyeghe aulter, and there to be worshypped as it was wount to be, and they whiche will not thereto consent, we wyl haue them dye lyke heretykes against the Holy Catholyque fayth.'
Commoners of Devonshire and Cornwall, 1549

SARS joke
SLOPS: Sudden Loss of Perspective Syndrome

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