Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Lee, Dave and Samer - this blog's 'Three Musketeers' of correspondents - seem to have taken the day off!

Two from Murray Rothbard via lewrockwell.com
St Hillary and the Religious Left
Creating a counterfeit of Catholicity - an ape of God. 'For some time I have been hammering at the theme that the main cultural and political problem of our time is not "secular humanism." ...No: the hallmark and the fanatical drive of the left for these past centuries has been in devoting tireless energy to bringing about, as rapidly as they can, their own egalitarian, collectivist version of a Kingdom of God on Earth.' From Protestant do-gooderism (by the wonderful folks who brought you Prohibition) to PC hysteria.

On who really killed JFK
A former boss, not a friend but a very smart man, once explained to me and others how Lee Harvey Oswald was really an American agent to the end, recruited while he was in the Marines. Makes perfect sense - who else could have 'defected' to the USSR in the ’50s, returned to America and got away with it?

Learn Slavonic
Want to learn the liturgical language of the Russian Orthodox Church? On the off chance you do, here's a book to buy.

From interfax, Russia
Russian Orthodox Church raps EU for ‘anthropocentric’ slant
Good - sounds like Patriarch Alexis II won't settle for being a chaplain or cuddly mascot for the New World Order. (Maybe Rowan Williams will audition for the part.) Слава Богу.

From The Onion
Gen. Tommy Franks quits Army to pursue solo bombing projects

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