Thursday, June 26, 2003

Music, sweet music
News from acquaintance Marina Belica: her instrumental CD one sky is now for sale on Amazon. If you fancy New Age music, you can support this lovely gal's work and this blog (an Amazon associate) at the same time by clicking on the album title here and buying a copy.

Favorite tracks: I Was There (Я был/а там?): imagine slowing the tempo and you'll get the vibe - it's a наш thing. (It and the title track began life as 'Slavic One' and 'Slavic Two'.) Scene From Afar: when I hear it the deliberate dissonance in parts makes me imagine a shower of meteors scraping the night sky. In an interview on Classic FM online Marina explained she had in mind somebody in pain when she wrote it - now the song makes sense! And finally the tuneful piano piece The Way Home, which in the same interview she explained is one of her first-ever compositions, from years ago. Classic FM is wonderful, BTW - every time I tune in I end up listening for about two hours. It's based on free-form, noncommercial American FM radio in the early ’70s. Through it I get to hear rare stuff like Fats Domino covering 'Lady Madonna' (which worked!).

From blog correspondent Dave McLaughlin (who, like fellow correspondent Lee Penn, is Russian Catholic)
Catholic church split in Denver and the founding of America’s fourth Russian Catholic church, St Elizabeth’s
Two story links (one of which is from Dave) and my thoughts are here (scroll down). Blogger Sean Roberts, a member of the new church, mentions it is named after a postschism Russian Orthodox saint, one martyred by the Communists.

Anglican doings
Forward in Faith/North America is having its national meeting starting today at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Rosemont, Pa., USA.

On the present spiritual crisis in the United Kingdom and the ‘Church of England’
by Fr Andrew Phillips, Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
Good except for a bit of anti-Catholic vituperation copied from the secular world. The Roman Rite discipline of a celibate priesthood did not cause a priest shortage nor the recent scandal, nor is the scandal really about pædophilia but rather homosexuality.

The Russian Orthodox St John of Kronstadt was really a celibate who only married so he could become a parish priest, and it's been suggested he might have been homosexual. What he did wasn't a problem if his wife really agreed to a sexless marriage and his orientation doesn't matter. He may have been one of those so afflicted who channelled his energies into his ministry, becoming a man of real holiness as those who have read My Life in Christ (Моя жизнь в Христе) can attest.

Patriarch of Constantinople hails Pope of Rome as witness to peace

Also from
RC bishops rubbish ridiculous ‘rapture’ fiction of Tim LaHaye
Sorry, I just couldn't keep the alliteration going.

Fun with spam
What smells funny?
Your intentions in sending me this and/or the shite you're trying to sell me.

Do you need some?
No. Now clear off!

This XXX area is like no other, real explicit sex as NEVER been seen like ...
Somehow I really doubt that.

European artistry in coal country church

New comments feature
Regrettably, the old 'Shout Outs' are now gone but the new comments service is more reliable, so do please leave your messages!

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