Friday, June 27, 2003

To Joe Zollars
I don't know the details of the Texas sodomy-law case decided by the US Supreme Court, but not outlawing something isn't the same as condoning it, and unenforceable laws are dumb laws.

An example from history: the Church always was libertarian when it came to the law regarding prostitution. Very different from condoning it.

On a similar note, anti-marijuana laws are dumb, and hypocritical, because 1) marijuana has medicinal uses, while tobacco doesn't, and 2) they're not worth enforcing. It's Prohibition all over again.

Those anti-smoking commercials for kids from Philip Morris are among the most hypocritical things I've seen.

Ever notice that cultures that regularly use alcohol don't have lots of problems with drunkenness or alcoholism? It's people from teetotalling Protestant ones who are likely to abuse alcohol.

St Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church
I've seen this before. Some might expect me to hate it. I don't. They're bright, they're creative, they've got a lot of good ideas pinched from the liturgics of the orthodox - and they're wrong. Their problem is they're not 'churched' - the secular world is their magisterium. If this were grounded in truth, it could be a wonderful thing.

That mishmash iconography is pretty incredible. The real Malcolm X would have laughed his ass off at these (based on the pics) white liberals. Queen Elizabeth I is a very revealing choice - kill the Catholics and impose Protestantism by force. Shows how intolerant liberals really are at the end of the day. Most of the rest is simply contradictory nonsense or acknowledging the secular world's 'canonized saints'.

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