Saturday, June 28, 2003

To my good friend Anastasios
Thanks for your comment today. There simply is no excuse for 'Bush's campaign', but before the American aggression, Iraq's Christians lived in relative peace. Here is an article, not from an antiwar site like mine, which has these quotations:

'William Nurvyn is a Catholic from a family with British origins. In his 30s, he belongs to the generation of Iraqis who remember no other leader beyond Saddam Hussein. ...He says his family experienced no harassment during the former regime, and he knows of no Christians who did. "We were not harassed by anybody, and nobody could harass us because we were backed by Saddam Hussein and he liked the Christians and gave them all freedom," Nurvyn said.'

'Ara Karabed is a member of the Armenian Orthodox Church. He says that, as a Christian, he felt no pressure from the former regime. But he also says he has no sense that the Christian minority was ever given special treatment, and that Hussein treated many people the same regardless of their religion.

Father Yousif Thomas Mirkis is a pastor at Al-Fikr Al-Masih, a Baghdad church run by the Catholic Dominican order. He is also the editor in chief of the Arabic-language magazine "Christian Thought."

'...Mirkis says some 200,000 Christians have emigrated from Iraq over the last 20 years. Many of them left after the 1991 Gulf War, when the largely secular Ba'ath Party turned to Islam to fill the ideological vacuum created by Iraq's defeat.'

A Greek Orthodox Arab co-founded the Ba'ath Party. Based on Fr Mirkis' remarks, I dare say if the US hadn't stuck its nose where it didn't belong back when Bush the Elder was president, the alleged ill-treatment of Christians to which Fr M refers wouldn't have happened.

Christians for peace 1, neocons nil.

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