Friday, June 27, 2003

To Pharsea
Thanks for reading the blog and being the first person to use the new comments system! To answer your question, I wanted to balance out Fr Andrew Phillips' article with its unjust accusation against the Catholic Church, even though AFAIK St John of Kronstadt did nothing wrong and of course I agree he is a saint. A most interesting man — tsarist in his politics (I think he gave the last sacraments to Alexander III, if I recall Robert Massie correctly) and a zealous pastor, promoting Confession and frequent Communion. As for your guess about my orientation, you're wrong. But I have long seen the irony that I have things in common with some homosexual men, particularly the anglophile kind who share my tastes in church architecture and worship and even many of my religious and political beliefs. (Like the kind your site seems to be written for.) I think in my case it's because I'm 'differently brained' with AS. Because of it, like some homosexuals I know what it's like not to fit in and to be unfairly excluded from things. But as for what revs my engine, think Chrissie Hynde*, not some bloke's behind. A site I recommend to you, especially since you are Catholic, is that of the Courage Apostolate, a Roman Catholic group that helps homosexuals live according to God's plan - chastely.

*Gillian Anderson too, among others, but that didn't rhyme.

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