Wednesday, June 18, 2003

US troops open fire on protesters* in Baghdad
*Armed with rocks.

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
Mel Gibson defends his movie The Passion’s Matt Barganier spoofs National Review’s blog

From which I learnt, for real:

60% of MTV viewers support Iraq war
Like, whateverrrr. Where, oh, where do people get the idea that in addition to not being very nice (grown-up day-care brats, thanks to secularism, broken homes, etc.), the people in 'Generation Y' lack critical thinking skills? At least the fellow who was photographed and pullquoted gets it.

Belgian Catholic hospitals may be forced to allow euthanasia
Brussels, Jun. 16 ( - Catholic hospitals in Belgium may be
required to allow euthanasia according to new rules laid down by a group
forming the country's new government. The Dutch news web site
reported that the political parties negotiating the form of the new ruling
coalition after May 18 general elections have agreed that every hospital
must have a team of doctors prepared to kill their patients under a strict
policy they said was designed to protect patients and their relatives.

Belgium passed a law last year legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide.
Karel de Gucht, chairman of the Flemish VLD party, was quoted as saying that
"euthanasia is the business of the doctor and a patient, and that hospitals
should not interfere."

From a blog reader in Europe
Brian Brindley obituary from 2001

Death will have his day

I didn't know until this morning that he had died! Theatrical as he was, when it came to the faith and orthodoxy, it turned out he wasn't play-acting after all.

Fifty years on
Anthony Kilmister remembers watching the coronation of HM the Queen on a flickering 10-inch screen

What ‘the other side’ really wants
Jocelyn Hellig 'suggest[s]... with Rosemary Ruether that the only way Christianity can learn to relate without potentially catastrophic prejudice to Jews is to demand we shed belief in the Incarnation and insistence on the necessity of conversion for all.' - the Revd Luke Miller (with whom I was once acquainted), reviewing Hellig's The Holocaust and Antisemitism


Test your IQ

Pentecost on Mt Athos: between heaven and earth
by Sandro Magister

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