Thursday, July 10, 2003

Are young Catholics cultural orphans?
by Joanna Bogle
Thou hast said it.

There are three striking things about being in England, where Mrs Bogle lives: 1) There is the shell of medieval Catholic culture in everything from the established church to the names of colleges and streets. 2) Today's everyman has no idea what it means and doesn't care. (See end of article. By the way, Dr Jeffrey John withdrew his acceptance of the bishopric of Reading.) 3) The Oxbridge élite, it seems to me, do know what the names of their colleges and parish churches mean but, part of the coldness and palpable evil one sometimes can sense with these types (but not always the case!), say consciously 'Non serviam' to it all.

From The Rockall Times
C of E considers opposite-sex marriages

I was minding my business
Lifting some lead off
The roof of the Holy Name church
It was worthwhile living a laughable life
To set my eyes on the blistering sight
Of a vicar in a tutu
He's not strange
He just wants to live his life this way

— The Smiths

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