Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Blog reader Paco has brought this article to my attention by way of the blog of another regular visitor, Nicholas Stanosheck:

Woman — salvation of man or his perdition?
by Fr Andrew Phillips
I wouldn't go as far as commentators like this - he echoes another extreme ancient-minded Englishman, Bishop Richard Williamson* - but unlike true moderns and seculars I see his point. John Weldon Hardenbrook, Eastern Orthodox like Fr Andrew, says a lot of the same things.

Just like blog reader Greg Depardo suspects my libertarianism disqualifies me as a conservative, they all may think I've spritzed some soda water into my faith and worldview, but I think a lot of modern styles on women are attractive (and yes, sexy), some women have a calling to careers and deserve a chance to pursue them and the modern awareness of health and fitness enhances and prolongs beauty. Look at old photographs from up to 50 years ago. By the time they were 40 and even before, a lot of people looked old. Thank you, baby-boomers! Some change is good, and (call me a naive optimist) doesn't necessarily lead to the hell that Vox Day describes.

*Ideologically and temperamentally he seems more like the French reactionaries identified with his religious order than typically English.

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