Monday, July 14, 2003

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
New war plan for US in Korea; plans may provoke all-out war
Lee Penn: If the North Koreans are as crazy/evil/aggressive as we say that they are,
why would they wait for us to take these telegraphed-in-advance actions against

Australian government lays out ‘interdiction exercises’ against NK — war prelude?
Lee: Another straw in the wind.

‘And Mr Howard acknowledged for the first time that the interdiction project
— which it will undertake with 10 other countries as part of an agreement
reached last week in Brisbane — could serve as a bridging exercise to military

Evangelical Protestant lobbyist Gary Bauer seeks more pro-Israel US policy
Lee: A snapshot of a small part of the War Party, in political mode, as reported by an Israeli paper.

Lee: The link to the story was provided by an e-mail from Bill Koenig, a
Protestant who is convinced that any US pressure on Israel to accommodate the
Palestinians is an attack on God's promise to Israel.

Lee: FYI, Koenig's mission statement is at this URL:

Christian news reported from the White House focused on Israel

Lee: I am sending this to show that there are some religious fanatics who claim to
have political influence with the White House, and these fanatics hope to use
political pressure to make US policy conform to their heterodox,
millennialist, dispensationalist view of the Bible.

Mainstream ‘Catholic’ colleges are a sick joke
Lee Penn has tracked this story on the Net and in the news.

What an academic theologian has written
Lee: Fr Chappell knew his True Self.

What he taught his students
Lee: Looks like a good example of AmChurch theology.

Lee: Fr Chappell helped at least one student in hands-on ‘critical exploration of
the authentic Roman Catholic tradition in the light of personal experience
and the adult identity issues which are a part of the developmental stage of
college students’.

Here is what he did
Lee: The priest says it was ‘consensual’. With an 18-year-old student [a young man, and a seminarian to boot] who was under his spiritual direction.

Lee: More fruit of the ‘Renewal of the Church’, it seems.

Barbara Clement, by the way, is a communicant at a fine Anglo-Catholic church in that area, Good Shepherd, Rosemont, which does not practise pederasty under the guise of 'spiritual direction'.

So who, then, is ‘Catholic’?

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