Saturday, July 26, 2003

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
Two documents from a Catholic mystic about rightist and leftist New World Order(s)
The Spiritual Ambush of a Universal Religion and the Antichrist

The Achievement of One Universal Government, and Its End

Lee Penn: I have found Miguel's writing to be useful, even though we don't see
eye-to-eye on various things .... it was he who alerted me to the problems posed
Opus Dei and other cults within the Catholic Church. Since I learned of this,
I have kept my antennae out for news about those groups. I have found more
than enough reason to continue warning you about them by sending out news of
their activities - as in the posts that you have gotten over the last 2 years.)

At the very least, I believe that we have just begun a new time like the
1914-1945 period, a time marked by global wars and by cruel tyrannies of the
and right contending for the right to rule us. In such a time, prayer and
acts of Mercy will do more for the good than politics ever could.

For conservatives and traditionalists, who are the majority of my list
members, the idea of a threat from the far right might seem fanciful; we are
to looking for political and spiritual danger to our left. But consider how
cycles of political reaction usually work .... left-wing extremism usually (as
in the Cold War conflicts in Latin America and Asia) provokes a violent
right-wing response (i.e., El Salvador, etc.). If Miguel is anywhere near
right, the
whole world is about to get a push to the Left ... and the rightist reaction
to that lawlessness and cruelty will follow. That right-wing reaction will
offer its own deadly spiritual seduction, as people react against leftist
lawlessness by submitting to an extreme-right version of Total Order.

[USA Patriot Act, anyone?]

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