Saturday, July 19, 2003

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Teach your kids how to drink
Why Protestant prudery about alcohol is wrong and backfires
by Bob Wallace

Nutball foreign policy
Why a popular Protestant heresy is vociferously pro-state of Israel
by Gary North
I think many fundamentalists don't put two and two together to realize the anti-Semitic, murderous intent behind their dogma. ISTM many of these well-meaning Zionists think the Old Covenant still stands - Jews have a direct connection to God - and that the New is only for gentiles.

Not only is avoiding physical death part of the dogma's appeal, but I think also there is the appeal of an approved form of revenge/wish fulfilment as the great unwashed suffer after 'us Christians' have been 'raptured'.

This heresy seems to be chiliasm, which the late Fr Seraphim (Rose), a Russian Orthodox, and his followers and commentators condemn.

Premillenial dispensationalism has filtered into the beliefs of some conservative (not traditionalist) Catholics through the charismatic movement, whence they also got equally dotty, prudish ideas that it's wrong to kiss and indeed have any 'public displays of affection' with one's girlfriend or boyfriend - I remember reading all that in one of Bud Macfarlane Jnr's novels, Pierced by a Sword.

(Note to Mr M: a traditional priest and nun back in the 1930s never would have gone for a walk in the woods together by themselves to pray - they were taught to avoid even the appearance of scandal. Which was a good thing.)

In pre-tribulational dispensationalism's view, the Church Age will end with the Rapture of living saints into heaven. The millennial age, which will be marked by Christ's bodily presence, will not be a church age, but will be a restored Davidic kingdom. It will even involve the restoration of the Temple sacrifices – as memorials, however, not as redemptive sacrifices. As Scofield writes in one of his notes, "Doubtless these offerings will be memorial, looking back to the cross. . . ." (Scofield Reference Bible, p. 890n).

According to these people, the Divine Liturgy/Mass/Qurbana (the one Sacrifice of Christ made present) is blasphemous but animal sacrifices 'in memory of' the crucifixion are OK????

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