Saturday, July 19, 2003

Nothing to clap about
More reasons why the secular world is not cool
By David Virtue
Consider the following:

In the land of the free, 15 million Americans will contract an STD* this
year. Half of the women experiencing their first sexual encounter get a
disease to remember it by. More than 8,000 teenagers a day get
infected. Nearly one in four people over the age of 12 already has a
variety of genital herpes, and experts anticipate that 50 percent of
white American men will be infected in the future.

These numbers, by the way, do not originate with groups pushing
abstinence and decrying moral decay. They come from studies and reviews
conducted by or for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the
National Institutes of Health and published in periodicals such as the
New England Journal of Medicine. And since many of those infected are
asymptotic and undiagnosed, the statistics are inadequate.

These are not your STDs from 40 years ago, either, curable with a shot of
penicillin. [Austin Powers: 'Only sailors get those.']
Forty years ago, gonorrhea and syphilis were the only
commonly known STDs; now there are more than 50. Many are incurable.
Some can kill you. One - AIDS - will kill you. [Nature's payback.]

*Funny, when I was a kid they were called venereal diseases. Wonder if the change in nomenclature has to do with 1) a dumbed-down populace who don't get the classical reference anymore and/or 2) separating sex from any notion of love, however imperfect. How 'liberating'. (Youch! Time to go to the clinic again.) Also, in a funny coincidence, STD is also the abbreviation for a doctoral degree in sacred theology.

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