Friday, July 11, 2003

On the political discussion in yesterday’s comments
First, thanks for writing. Second, yirmiyahu and (read today's great articles!) pretty much speak for me on Liberia. LRC's Thomas DiLorenzo has written about the whole business of colonization in the early 1800s. Liberians aren't American citizens so the US government has no obligation to be there. As for race relations in America, reparations 1) would violate the rights of present-day white Americans like much of government already does and 2) wouldn't work - like most current government programs don't. And as for the plight of too many black Americans, essentially Joe Zollars is right: it's a result both of what white people did to them and their own mistakes - as full-fledged human beings they are as responsible for their actions as anybody else, contra Marxist/PC radical-chic dogma that 'entitles' historically oppressed peoples to do the same thing to others (like in Palestine).

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