Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Reasons not to call this blog ‘libertarian’ instead of ‘conservative’
1. Reservations I have about pure, secular libertarianism, or the capital-L variety. I adopt libertarian ideas definitely as a relative good and maybe more, but don't want to find one day that I've sold out the faith for a mess of pottage such as a false gospel of selfishness. Or maybe, as reader yirmiyahu suggests, I simply am a strict constructionist regarding the US constitution (hard to distinguish from libertarianism) or a paleolibertarian, a kind of fusion of Russell Kirkian conservatism and the l-word. I'm cool with that.
2. The average person would have no idea what it means, thinking this is a liberal (modern definition) blog or, as I've had intelligent, educated people say to me when I used the term, that I have something to do with Lyndon LaRouche! Then again, the average American seems to think conservatism means bombing Iraq and is wrong.

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