Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Saints galore
St Swithun (translation of his relics): today's black-letter-day Book of Common Prayer (1662) saint. Things look good here: it shouldn't rain for the next 40 days. I've been to his shrine (or the site where it was) in Winchester Cathedral.

From blog correspondent Dave McLaughlin
St Vladimir: today's Gregorian-date Byzantine Rite saint. The Russian Orthodox remember him 13 days from now (Julian calendar), on the 28th.

Tropar’, tone 4
Sitting on the throne of God-protected Kiev,/ thou wast like a merchant
seeking goodly pearls, O Vladimir./ Thou didst search and send to the Imperial
City/ to know the Orthodox faith./ Thou didst find Christ the Pearl of great
price,/ Who chose thee like Paul and enlightened thy blindness at the font./ Thy
people celebrate thy repose:/ wherefore pray for Russia and all peoples,/ that
the Orthodox may be granted peace and great mercy.

Kondak, tone 8
Like the Apostle Paul, O Vladimir, thou didst abandon childish ways/ and in
manhood wast royally adorned with Baptism./ Now thou art joyfully standing in
the presence of Christ our Saviour:/ pray that Orthodox hierarchs and people,
and all creation, may be saved.

St Juvenaly (Julian date)
The first Eastern (Russian) Orthodox martyr in America (Alaska)

The Byzantine Rite calendar using the Julian reckoning notes today was an important day in the history of the old Eastern Roman Empire — a relic of Our Lady (her veil) was placed in a church at Blachernæ.

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