Sunday, July 27, 2003

Today I had one of those little experiences that told me 1) how 'out of it' I am re: mainstream society and 2) how wack mainstream society is. A real shocker for me, because since I realized three years ago I have Asperger syndrome I thought these things wouldn't happen anymore. (They don't happen nearly as often.)

Got a rent-two-videos-free card from my bank as a promo and tried to use it at Blockbuster. They wanted me to fill in this long form, to give out all this info... practically a background check. People, I just wanted to finally see The Deer Hunter, not buy a house or a new car!!!! Finally, after all that, they said no ’cos I haven't got a real credit card — never have and don't know how to use them. Only a debit VISA, for nearly 20 years. Then the clerk said, 'Have you got a utility bill you can bring in?' and I finally said, 'It just isn't worth it, only to rent a movie. Sorry!' and left. The sharper of the two clerks seemed to smile with me, realizing it was all BS. (The guy who started the interrogation was a hapless-seeming boy who looked like he was still in his teens and perhaps mildly retarded.)

Corporate America in action — demeaning the average citizen and s/he goes along with all of it.

Come on, it's just a library for pay. I remember 15 years ago when my debit card was OK with the local chain video store and all I needed to give were my name, phone number and maybe an address.

I realized, 'This is how most of the people around me live, all the time — at work, their employer treats them like this, etc.' I may be 'out of it' but at this point I don't think I want to be 'with it'.

This is of course old news to most of you, but the system actually punishes you by demeaning you this way if you don't go in debt to buy consumer products (mostly junk you don't really need and will be thrown away eventually, worthless). 'You vill conform, ja? Und ve vill make you pay us for ze privilege.'

I try to live simply and cleanly and can't even rent a movie!

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