Friday, July 11, 2003

To Nicholas
Again, re: the political discussion. Funny how Marcus Garvey never actually went 'back to Africa' (he was from Jamaica anyway), and how some people in the 1960s, such as Maya Angelou, did, but aren't there now. (At least W.E.B. DuBois, a Communist, had the integrity to put his money where his mouth was, moving to Ghana in his old age and staying.) About 10 years ago, a man wrote a book about his African travels. A black American, he wanted to connect with his roots like Alex Haley but ended up being shocked to the core by the incompetence and corruption in sub-Saharan Africa, falling in with some European travellers with whom he had far more in common culturally and relieved by the time he got to Zimbabwe ’cos dictator-for-life Robert Mugabe (the guy practising race-hatred politics there now, stealing white farmers' land, homes and money and giving them to his cronies) hadn't completely destroyed the place yet and there was enough of the old British system still in place there that he felt somewhat comfortable.

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