Tuesday, July 08, 2003

To a regular reader of the blog
Thanks for reading and for including a link here in a recent entry on one of your pages. Your blog has a lot of news about, accurate descriptions of the beliefs of and nice, sincere-sounding sentiment about the Catholic Church, but when you defend homosexual sex-offender ex-priests like Paul Shanley (and the Boston 'gay' community) and put down Touchstone (the kind of magazine I would have created if I had the erudition and the means) and Leon Podles for not so doing, you look like you're really still making excuses for yourself. Holy people don't do that. And sadly it makes the rest of your Web writing seem like only so much fulsome Tartuffery. (Given your past and your reactions related to it, even your blog's name sounds like some queer, defiant double-entendre.) Your contempt for the Eastern Orthodox as manifested in your occasional baiting makes it seem like you tried to use them and dumped them after a few years when you didn't get your way (about what I don't really know but I have an idea). That you're not even Byzantine Rite now seems to say to me you never were really interested in it. OK, fine - you're where you belong and never should have converted in the first place. But: 1) Treating the EOs the way you sometimes do online isn't following the letter or the spirit of the teachings of the church you claim to love so much. 2) It seems to me the personal problem that led to your getting caught in the act and eventually to your leaving the priesthood is still bothering you - get over it (I don't care what your orientation is: act like a man and a good Catholic and stop making excuses for sin) and your Web apostolate will become credible and perhaps even holy.

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