Thursday, July 31, 2003

To a regular reader of this blog
Posted here instead of this person’s site so it can't be erased
Thanks for stopping by. While there are differences between Western and Eastern approaches to basic orthodoxy, and while the tendency of some Eastern Orthodox to emphasize, even exaggerate, these differences as if they come from completely different religions can be annoying and hurtful from the Catholic point of view, once again your treatment of the Orthodox online goes against the letter and spirit of the church you claim to love so much. Strange: you make much of knowing personally and liking the writer whom you then proceed to trash: basically accusing the person of being a fraud, specifically of not reading sources, and/or too stupid to understand them. (Passive-aggression. Is that how you treat your friends? How many have you got left?) Based on your online conduct, you seem to think the Orthodox are handy targets to tease: that because some of them offend you, you have the right to go against your own church's word and offend them back. Suggestion: if you are offended by something an Orthodox writes, or you simply think that person doesn't understand something, why not contact that person privately and let him or her know? (After all, you claim to know this person.) Why not make your point instead by 'acting better' than the Orthodox who offend you and respecting them, like the Golden Rule says? Or: 'Mr/Ms X claims St Y said A. However, from reading St Y, I see s/he really meant B.' Respectful and gets the point across.

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