Friday, August 22, 2003

From blog correspondent Dave McLaughlin
The gaying of a once-great church
And, perhaps more important, the replacement of the faith with the heresy of liberalism including the misuse of the tool of psychology. (Of course there's nothing wrong with the 'helping professions' per se.)

Civilizations in decline typically take on the characteristics of Bonobo monkeys, Nero's Rome being the most lurid example.

Ha ha, well put.

Few American boys, however, are so poor as to consider the Church a vehicle for social advancement. Americans become priests out of conviction — but conviction about what? Eighty percent of American Catholics do not believe in transubstantiation (the transformation of wafer and wine into the body and blood of Christ during the Mass). They are religious in a general sort of way, but no longer can believe in the mysteries of the Church.

Or yet another reason, on top of but not directly related to my probably having Asperger syndrome, why I don't have a lot in common with 80% of American Catholics. They're as different from me as honestly secular people.

To cut off in advance any tries, from any enemies who might read this blog, to throw AS in my face to discredit my views, surely the historic mainstream of Christendom didn't all have that handicap!

The historic mainstream has been sidelined. Non serviam.

In the United States, priests no longer are the mediators of the great mysteries of death and rebirth, of sin and forgiveness, of damnation and salvation. The priesthood has become what Americans quaintly call one of the "helping professions", such as psychology, social work, nursing and so forth...

The lapsed-Protestant American middle class has taken Aslan to the vet to get snipped.

All traditional religious dogma is tragic; man suffers in this life because of sin, and through great struggle can achieve redemption despite his sinful nature. Religion does not expect life to be pleasant; it exists precisely because life is unpleasant (at least to the extent that it leads to the unpleasantness of death).

Well put. This orthodoxy applies to everyone, including the 'normal' (remember original sin?), and is reflected in everything from the sad-eyed Russian icons in dark colors on my walls (Russians are famous for 'getting' what suffering is about) to the theology of the prayers I read, be they from the Byzantine Rite, (old) Roman Rite or Book of Common Prayer (I usually just read Coverdale's psalms and the gospel canticles from the last — nothing Protestant).

Many Catholic priests are not traditional Christians, but Utopian radicals whose goal is to eliminate conflict by purging humanity of its aggressive instincts (Freud to his credit did not believe this could be done). In other words, they are homosexuals out of principle. They share with the radical feminists the idea that man's aggressive instincts supposedly arise from sexual repression, whose source is the patriarchal family. The combination of an all-male fraternity with a Utopian agenda provides a magnet for male homosexuals.

Never thought of it that way before — it explains a lot. The heresies of the perfectibility of mankind and the denial of sin... chiliasm/millennarianism (not to be confused with an obsession with hats), Pelagianism...

But it doesn't necessarily apply to the kind of male homosexual who doesn't buy into this utopian heresy and instead likes my kind of religion — they do exist!

'Everything's related to sex' sounds more like a sitcom or chat-show platitude (think Oprah) than a worldview worth taking seriously, but a fallen humanity following the rules on sex is the difference between promiscuous societies, literally still in the Stone Age, and ex-Christendom, which discovered penicillin and invented the jet engine.

In June, the Swedish parliament passed a law forbidding speech or writing critical of alternative sexual lifestyles. No criticism will be forthcoming from the rest of Europe, whose male population sincerely hopes that all Swedish men (but not women) will become homosexual.

LOL! Even though Swedish women are really no more beautiful than women usually are, as P.J. O'Rourke wrote.

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