Monday, August 18, 2003

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
The green patriarch
Lee Penn: The story is worth reading, and the Orthodox are being ... Orthodox and orthodox.

Stewardship of God's creation, including good old-fashioned conservation, is of course orthodox but this might be shading into PCness and political naïveté.

Jerusalem touted as world capital

UN irreplaceable for international dialogue, says Archbishop Martino
Vatican official comments on the next World Day of Peace

VATICAN CITY, JULY 22, 2003 ( The United Nations is 'irreplaceable' as a forum for international dialogue and world peace, and 'the Holy See has not stopped supporting it,' says a Vatican official, Archbishop Renato Martino, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace...

Lee Penn: Go figure. This 'irreplaceable' body is promoting population-control policies that oppose Vatican teachings ...

At least they tried to stop the war in Iraq. Stopped clock and all that.

Zenit, by the way, is owned by the conservative Novus Ordo RC group described by Paco.

< sarcasm > Get with the program, Lee — you expect consistency from these people? What are you, some kind of integrist wacko? < /sarcasm > (You are? Good!)

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