Tuesday, August 26, 2003

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
News about human chip implants
Lee Penn: 1. Years ago, we put collars and dog tags on pets. Then we started putting
chips into pets. Now we are starting to put chips - electronic dog
tags/collars - into people. Another step away from seeing mankind as made in
God's image, toward seeing manking as a smart form of livestock, to be bred and
controlled at the will of the decision-makers.
2. Tyranny has been part of human history since the Fall. These new
technologies will - absent Divine Intervention - make New Tyranny more total,
and harder to dislodge, than before. [End.]

Step right up! Live human target
As I was saying, most people in the younger generations aren't very nice. No wonder. From incredibly violent video games to this. Gladiatorial games and snuff films as mainstream entertainment are just around the corner.

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