Friday, August 29, 2003

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
North Korea vows test to prove it’s got nukes

Theosophists interview Dennis Kucinich
Proabortion Democratic (redundant?) candidate for US president

Mr Kucinich:

My view of the world is a holistic one. I view the world as being interconnected and interdependent. All things have a way of expressing their identity through one powerful immanent reality. ... My views are consistent with the strains of thinking that created this nation, the thoughts about human liberty of Thomas Jefferson, the American Transcendental movement, the English Romantic poets, certainly my own connection to Catholicism, but beyond that, to all religions. All this results in a kind of synthesis, leading to a world view of the possibilities of human unity and human potential.

Sounds largely true but 1) transcendent God and objective truth aren't mentioned and 2) it's knocked off kilter and turned into modern-sense liberalism, the counterfeit Catholicity.

Quote from a 'Master' with the organization:

How can the nations keep America in check? ... The USA today is led by men responsive to a nefarious energy which prompts their actions and puts peace in jeopardy. It stimulates their glamour for power of an international extent, and threatens the peace of the world. It has outposts in Israel and Eastern Europe, Israel being the major focus.....

I see nothing in this part of the quotation that's not true! Stopped clock, you know. Just because SI are barmy doesn't mean the pathetic fallacy is true.

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