Monday, August 11, 2003

From today and The LA Times
The church of what’s happenin’ now
Charlotte Allen on the dwindling Episcopalians vs. the Godward, thriving Anglicans of the Third World.

I've seen some of what's described, regularly riding my bike through what the English would euphemistically call an 'urban priority area', past a stately ca. 1900 Gothic Episcopal church left over from when the neighborhood was populated by comfortable middle-class families. I imagine those who go there — stately older black ladies with hats like the Queen Mother used to wear — are a lot like the congregation of another slum church I used to ride past — you could tell it used to be Anglo-Catholic, as it'd always been a poor section and such priests used to specialize in those. Wonderful priest and congregation: older black people with an accent like Bob Marley.

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