Friday, August 15, 2003

From Nicholas Stanosheck
Sanctified sodomy
by Charley Reese
Vs. real Christianity. I was wondering aloud recently — talking to central-churchpeople Charley (not Mr Reese) and Byrd — which was worse for the Catholic movement and for Anglicanism in general, the attempted ordination of women or Gene Robinson. The former, not just Barbara Harris* but the 1970s ordinations, effectively disposed of any Anglican claim to Catholicity — its ministry is Protestant. The latter? While there have been plenty of unworthy prelates historically in many churches, none have been elevated with the explicit, dogmatic approval of what they did. Not so Mr Robinson. The lady clergy confirmed Anglicanism's Protestant identity, but at least some in that camp are still Christians. If Charlotte Allen (see story Aug. 11) is right and belief in the divinity of Christ is 'optional', then it is in the same position as Unitarians: not a Christian church. (*'Affirmative-action' racism as well as Protestantism: if she were a white man there is no way that person would have been promoted to the episcopate.)

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