Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Съ праздникомъ
Happy vigil of the Transfiguration to all following the Gregorian calendar.

Not much to report really except sourozh.org this week has a beautiful picture of Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom) on its front page announcing his death.

It seems to me it's not a question of if but when the Episcopalians elect a 'gay' bishop.

From orthodoxchristianity.net
Fr Seraphim (Rose) vs. democracy
'[Fr Seraphim] was especially intolerant of what he for some reason called "Lucies" — people of the shallow "herd" mentality who have nothing to say and yet are always talking... 'Democracy', [Fr Seraphim] said, 'is government according to the opinions of Lucies.'" — Not of This World, p. 88

Might the herd mentality, like liberalism in the modern sense, socialism and political correctness, be a counterfeit of Catholicity?

'The first stage [of the nihilist mentality] Eugene [Fr Seraphim] described was Liberalism, a passive rather than an overt Nihilism, a neutral breeding-ground of the more advanced stages... The liberal view of government is also weak, arising from an attempt at compromise between two irreconcilable ideas: government as Divinely established, with soveriegnty invested in a monarch, and government with the "people" as sovereign. ...today the chief representatives of the Liberal idea are the "republics" and "democracies" of Western Europe and America."' — Not of This World, p. 135

This pretty much mirrors what some western Catholic critics of modernity, including Bishop Richard Williamson, believe. It's an allowable opinion, perfectly orthodox, but not the only option for the apostolic Christian. My beliefs on this — see lewrockwell.com — basically would be classed as Liberal in the classical, not the modern, sense, and so fall short in Fr Seraphim's view, but then again he was fallible.

'Communism, it seems clear, is nearing a transformation itself, a 'humanizing', a 'spiritualizing'... [Fr Seraphim died in 1982, before the 'fall of Communism'.] The 'democracies,' by a different path, are approaching the same goal...' — Not of This World, p. 234

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