Saturday, August 23, 2003

More from Lee Penn
Young columnist blasts ‘zero tolerance’ policies in government schools
Lee Penn: Can anyone explain what the idiots who make and enforce these policies are
thinking? What ever happened to common sense?

Could it be that there are Federal regs, CYA policies to please insurers, or
similar things that are the basis for these actions?

It is part of a larger trend in social decay.
1. With the multiplication of laws and regulations, almost anyone can be
hauled away for any reason. Laws change so rapidly, and new theories extend the
laws' reach, to a degree that no layman can predictably stay on the right
side of the law.
2. State, local, and federal bodies are producing tens of thousands of pages
to enforce Ten Commandments.
3. As the law becomes more unpredictable and arbitrary, its moral authority
declines .... moving us toward a dystopian future in which the only restraint
to crime is force, also known as "enhanced security."
4. Real crime and terrorism are a necessary part of the emerging
anarcho-tyranny. With crime and terrorism, the people are afraid, and trade
freedom for
safety. The Authorities oblige ... and somehow crime and terror continue, to
justify ever more aggrandizement of power for the State. The Authorities get
more power that it can use to control everyone.
5. Think about the kind of people who are attracted to careers in Enforcing
the Rules. They want the jobs so they can tell people what to do .... why
should we imagine that they would use their powers wisely and with respect for
either freedom or tradition?

Of course, my criticism applies alike to tyrannies of the Left, or of the
Right, or of the Center. [End.]

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