Friday, September 19, 2003

Aftermath of Isabel
The prayers and lit icon lamp worked!

All turned out well here - I overprepared with canned food and bottled water and all I got was a little wind (pretty impressive gale-force stuff though) and rain. No lightning. Piddling compared to the Wagnerian spectacle of an American Midwest prairie thunderstorm* (where there is no ocean to moderate the climate). Outside, there are lots of leaves and twigs all over the place - with an occasional big branch and one downed power line that's been secured** - and lots of traffic lights out.

And the sun is out now and the temperature is perfect with a nice breeze.

Glory to God.

*During one of these I've seen a 100-mph wind and horizontal white rain, like somebody turning a fire hose on the house. Nearly blew the doors in.

**In the US power and phone lines are still above ground with telephone poles.

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