Wednesday, September 24, 2003

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
Another view of The Magdalene Sisters
by Frederica Mathewes-Greene, who is Eastern Orthodox
Good points - but the atrocities Peter Mullan dramatized really did happen and are inexcusable.

Lee Penn: And this follow-up comment by another woman, an orthodox Catholic writer.

Perhaps I didn't also send my second post to you. anyway, I can't find it now. What I said in it is what I said on the telephone: via the link you sent, I read the account from the Irish Times. I found it far more balanced and believable than any of the other stories, indeed, entirly plausible. The author indicates that pregnant girls were sent to the Magdalens for shelter, and later released. Prostitutes and alcoholics seem to have been sent there for shelter and rehabilitation. Those who stayed for life seem to have been the retarded -- who were not cared for in today's fashion anywhere, as far as I know. In the US, in the same period, they were generally arehoused in big institutions, where perhaps they were allowed to help with some janitorial tasks as they were able. Once psychotropic drugs came on the scene, many were kept drugged into passivilty.

By comparison, I don't think the Irish nuns have much to apologize for. [End. Again, good points, but regarding apologies, see my comment just below the link.]

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