Friday, September 12, 2003

From Jeff Culbreath, El Camino Real
Generation L, for lost
The main event of the 20th century is this: the Greatest Generation failed to pass the baton.

Arguable but like I'd say the rot had set in long before that generation, which bought into FDR (and the US federal government) as saviour and World War II as a noble crusade. What set the stage for all that? At least the generation before 'the Greatest' had enough of the faith and good sense to resist, coming up with America First, for example. They were the last of the paleoconservatives, who were crushed by FDR and his wartime government and finally came to end with the failed presidential candidacy of Robert Taft (who should have been president).

...the famed religiosity of the 1950s was more an act of civic virtue than deep Christian belief

Right, and I dare say a difference between the conservatism this blog identifies with (I won't presume to say 'lives up to') and the 'conservatism' one sees today represented by Messrs Bush, Ashcroft, et al. Bishop Richard Williamson has written nearly the same thing about the hollowness of 1950s religiosity, which simply pointed the way to the destruction at the end of the next decade.

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