Thursday, September 18, 2003

From Mike Russell
Parody: Russia bans McCartney’s post-Beatles music after Moscow concert
by Andy Borowitz
I'll admit I like some of it, but 'maybe I'm amazed' (actually a good pop song) like everybody else how his output went so far down in quality within 10 years of the Beatles breaking up - from 'Let It Be' to disco! Actually, as noted in The Rise and Fall of Popular Music, all the solo Beatles disappeared from the hipster radar after about 1974*, the year before their contract as Beatles would have expired anyway. My guess is they had two more good albums in them as a band after they finished recording Abbey Road, counting the things I like on All Things Must Pass. I understand plenty of fans have made CDs putting together different songs from the early ’70s solo albums to make one or two hypothetical, high-quality 'Beatles' albums - I think it works.

*Double Fantasy stands on its own, without John Lennon's murder getting it the attention it did - I like 'Watching the Wheels'.

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