Monday, September 08, 2003

Happy feast day of the Nativity of the Mother of God to those using the Gregorian calendar for church feasts.

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
More on The Magdalene Sisters
A 1996 news story from The Irish Times

Lee Penn: The church authorities in Ireland gave Peter Mullan 'tons of free ammunition to work with'.

A story of a mass grave

Lee quotes a friend from Ireland (not a secular person or a liberal), who recommended the story linked immediately above and suggests the problem isn't with the church as such at all but with Irish culture: 'The Church no longer holds such sway in Ireland. Yet the Irish remain Irish: Suicide is now epidemic. Teen alcoholism is so bad that the President (a figurehead more than an executive) made public comments on it in a speech delivered in the US. And Ireland still has proportionally more schizophrenics than any country in the world.'

Lee: Just do a Google search on the the phrase 'Magdalene Laundries' with the word Ireland, and you will see that the critics of Church institutions in Ireland are right. 2,830 'hits' and counting.

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