Saturday, September 27, 2003

London and world protests oppose Iraq occupation

From yesterday
He’s just a big kid
Psychoanalysing the Sock Puppet-in-Chief.

Nowhere was George playing grown-up more conspicuous than his staged re-election photo op on the USS Lincoln. When I saw him all dressed up pretending to be a naval aviator, I kept waiting for him to pull out his GI Joe doll with karate action, sit down and start playing: "Bring 'em on. We can take 'em. Huh, Joe? Take that--heeeyah," while making Joe do a big karate chop as the real soldiers look on, saluting their Commander in Chief.

To this day I'm amazed and appalled that veterans' groups didn't loudly protest in righteous anger over this posturing, because:

We saw it in AWOL George, who didn't see the need to fulfill his obligations, his promised duties in the National Guard because it didn't align with his wishes.

Except what he did was worse: if you're AWOL over 30 days, it's desertion. (And he wasn't a conscientious objector, a legit option.)

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