Monday, September 22, 2003

Man charged in murder plot against Kobe Bryant’s accuser
Go Lakers! More of mainstream society's pathology about sports.

Ironically, since at the time I worked for a newspaper that gave him a lot of coverage when he was the local high-school star, so I knew more about him than about most players, I liked him because he's cultured - he grew up in Italy where his ex-NBA dad continued to play and so he is fluent in the language.

That said, the best advice about this whole wack mess came years ago from a man who was admittedly arrogant and had no pretence about what he was, Charles Barkley: to paraphrase him, fine, I'll gladly take the money and the fame you're handing me, but 'don't hold me up to your kids as a role model just because I can dunk a basketball'. Well put.

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