Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Mr Bush’s ‘global gag rule’
Remember what I was saying before about stopped clocks? As Planned Parenthood are doing their literal damnedest to spin this negatively, it seems like a good thing.

Then again, it's probably just a sop to the social-conservative voters. 'Vote for me - you have nowhere else to go'.

So... if there is a real shortage of doctors in Africa, where are groups like Doctors Without Borders in all this, not to mention good old-fashioned churches (not taking government funding), such as those with religious orders who do medical work?

Libertarian rebuttal: the government has no obligation or mandate to fund these things.

Here we are: the stopped clock is wrong a second later.

More American troops may face Iraq duty
Makes me wish the US had a parliamentary system (with coalitions, etc.) so there could be an election right now, Mr Bush's party could be voted out of power and this nonsense could be stopped now.

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