Sunday, September 21, 2003

O tempora, o mores!
And no, I’m not overreacting

I'll admit - I watch some of America's 'Must-See' hipster TV on NBC partly to have a window (however distorted by TV unreality, like a funhouse mirror) on secular culture and partly because I like some of the style and wit on 'Will and Grace' - some of the gay (in the traditional, not homosexualist sense - read Joe Sobran for more on this) things that would-be young fogeys™ like me aspire to. Of course I can suss what's wrong with the messages being sent and filter that out. (I'm of age and have got my catechism, my Liturgy and my divine office - in short a moral compass and chart - and don't need Tipper Gore or Donald Wildmon telling me what I can or can't listen to or watch.)

Can't say that about the latest program coming soon, I think to replace the execrable 'Friends' and somehow weirdly connected to it in its un-Christian distortion of relations between the sexes. (And secular people think 'Friends' is cuddly and cute! Don't think even they can say that about this.) This gets right to the point: it's called 'Coupling'. Get it? (Elbow to the ribs.) Sad to say, this damnable show is based on a British one I've seen in passing.

As time goes by, I'm watching secular culture become even more vicious and coarse, and I'm not even 40 yet.

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