Sunday, October 12, 2003

Конец раскола между РПЦЗ и РПЦ-МП очень скоро наступаюший! ‘Да вси едино будут’ - одная апостольская вера, одная русская церковь. Это - часть духовного, великого русского воскресения! И на небесах все святые и ангели празднуют. Аллилуя!

Below, on Oct. 4, there is a link to a story - interview with Bishop Kyrill - about talks between the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (Outside of Russia - ROCOR) and the Church of Russia (Moscow Patriarchate - MP). The word is out - things are moving fast. The latest I've heard is the councils of the ROCOR dioceses of Detroit and of Germany/Western Europe have voted unanimously to join the Church of Russia.

In December there will be more meetings - it seems only a matter of time before this separation in the Russian Church, by necessity for 70 years owing to the Communist occupation of Russia, will be over.

What probably will happen is both sides will sign an agreement and for the foreseeable future each will carry on as usual, except they will concelebrate. Multiple bishops in overlapping sees would be tolerated as long as the current hierarchs live.

How a merger might happen will be interesting. It would make sense, since ROCOR has established sees in the US with many congregations, for the few 'indult' MP churches in that country simply to join those dioceses. But when the MP agreed to create the Orthodox Church in America in 1970 it agreed not to expand, not to 'compete' with its daughter church. That's a tough one.

In any event, it really feels like the Soviet regime is gone and a restoration of apostolic church life among the Russians both there and here really can get under way.

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