Monday, October 20, 2003

Dazed and confused
Gene says it loud - he's black and he's proud.

'"Asked by one parishioner to explain what's behind the anger over his election, Robinson said he believes it's a sign that patriarchy is ending in the church as women, people of color, and gays and lesbians are more fully included."'

'"The election of a gay man as bishop is a "threat to the way things have been done, when white men have pretty much been in charge of everything," he said."'

< sarcasm >Yes, down with musty old 'patriarchy'. 'We' know better than the God of the Old Testament... just like Adolf and friends did. < /sarcasm >

Pssst... Your Grace... you're white. And a man.

What makes this attempt to latch sodomy onto the real suffering of blacks through history even funnier and more pathetic is many of his opponents, such as Archbishop Peter Akinola, happen to be, in fact and not in imagination, black.

News flash for this middle-aged wigger*: Trevor Huddleston you ain't.

The logical fallacy of course is that never does the Christian Church teach that being a certain ethnicity is a sin. Certain sexual practices, however, are sins.

*Not a racist word - it means a white person who pretends he's black to try to be hip.

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