Saturday, October 04, 2003

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
International treaty rules can trump US Bill of Rights
by Eugene Volokh

US probes possible moonlighting by FBI agents in Red China, Mideast

Putin beefs up ICBM capacity
Might not be a bad thing - he warns NATO against pre-emptive strategy

Putin has accused lower-level US government officials of meeting with known Chechen terrorists
Well, after all, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein used to work for the US government too.

Yabloko Party Vice Chairman: General Staff preparing for global nuclear war
Lee Penn: Money quote: "...just as before the main threat to Russia is considered to be the US and NATO. The General Staff is predicting a global nuclear war and anticipating large-scale military activity, said Arbatov." [Note: the US has, since 9/11, talked about making nuclear first strikes, and is planning to expand our own arsenal. This story is a reminder that the other side can play the game, too.]

NATO: Russia's military warns on pull-back
Lee Penn: Russia is warning NATO against its "offensive military doctrine," and a list of circumstances in which Russia could use military force.

Lee Penn: And to round out the case, there is this book, which deals with the attitudes of the Russian military from the early 1980s to the present:

War Scare
by Peter Vincent Pry

The Library Journal review, on Amazon, says this about the book: "Drawing on his experience with the Agency and a close review of public sources, Pry argues that we have been closer to nuclear war with Russia than top U.S.
officials dare to admit. Pry's accounts of five war scares since 1983 and his review of the profound internal crisis in Russia are not for the faint of heart. Even if we disagree with him on just how close to nuclear Armageddon we actually are, his book reminds us that Russia's nuclear force poses a genuine threat to U.S. national security far into the 21st century."

Lee Penn: This is not a problem to be solved by building more of our own ICBMs, or installing an anti-missile system. The solution is - as the message of Fátima says - to repent and pray for conversion of sinners.

Holy coincidence
Lee Penn was told by a parishioner at his Russian Catholic church in San Francisco that Oct. 13 is not only the anniversary of the last Marian apparition at Fátima but also, in some Orthodox churches, the feast day of the Iveron (Georgian?) icon of Our Lady.

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