Wednesday, October 08, 2003

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
Benefit of the doubt
S al-B: Fred Reed reflectively addresses the interconnected topics of religion, the sciences, and atheism, investigating more deeply than usual as the absence of his standard and effectively caustic style of prose seems to indicate. He concludes with, "And the sciences, though not intended to be, have become the opiate of the masses."

US fatalities in the conquest of Iraq
S al-B: Well, looking at these statistics, I can see how soldiers' lives all of a sudden seem as nothing more than insignificant numbers and chess pieces.

Turkey plans to deploy troops in Iraq
S al-B: Trouble.

US troops confront protesters at Baghdad mosque
S al-B: Silly me for thinking that opposing the U.S. occupation might actually constitute a legitimate opinion for an Iraqi in the new free Iraq to hold. Plastic bags and rifle butts seem to be needed to disabuse the minds of the silly rabble of this ridiculous notion.

S al-B: ...on the news stories concerning Israel's strike against my country... I naturally expected the absence of any condemnation by the American government, which provides the Israelis with the weapons used in attacking us. But I frankly was not prepared for Bush's implicitly approving and exonerating comments any more than I was anticipating the first attack on our soil since the last war with Israel. Some relevant links:

Israel could launch new attacks on Syria: Sharon spokesman
S al-B: This is insane rambling by an emboldened Sharon and Likud, and neoconservative Washington gives the green light through its mumbling ventriloquist dummy. If this is an indicator such as those that signal impending stock market movements, it does not bode well for Syria in the future.

Israel's attack is a lethal step towards war in Middle East (Fisk weighs in)

Bush: Israel air strike ‘essential’

Bush asserts Israel’s right to defence

Israel is ready to strike anywhere, says Sharon

Text: Syrian draft resolution

Prising open the Syrian file

Bush stance on Syria hit shows neocons still hold sway

And Justin Raimondo's input:

Israel is the problem
Our problem…

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