Friday, October 17, 2003

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
A gem from today:

Trade sanctions are evil
S al-B: Ron Paul's words to the House of Representatives concerning sanctions against that other unlocatable Middle Eastern country that isn't interested in making threats to bomb or attack the U.S.

Available at Congress sittings: free punch provided and donated by the Strangle Syria Sorority.

Sick of conflict
by Charley Reese
S al-B: Be Swiss, be neutral (and by all means, do stay armed for purposes of defence).

Do the truly American thing. "Isolationist" Charley proffers a dose of common sense.

Googling the war party
S al-B: Justin Raimondo googles out a profile and details of the man responsible for the fake soldiers' letters. The highly active propaganda shill in uniform breaks a cardinal rule by putting soldiers in whatever small way at the service of the administration's propaganda blitz. To quote Justin, "...when it comes to the political arena, the military must be strictly neutral in the battle between the contending parties."

Tangential thought? In cricket a googlie is like a curve ball in baseball - a trick pitch.

It would be fitting at this point to repost an archived entry of this blog:

On patriotism
Don't ever associate with politicians, dirty and corrupt men. The army should have nothing to do with these. As enlistees in the RAF, your duty is to your country through the Crown, not to big shots in the halls of politics.

- a British veteran, remembering something an officer taught him

More from LRC today:

Fiji villagers to say sorry for eating British missionary (no, this isn’t from The Onion)
Cannibal chutney, esteemed sir?

The truth about the Pledge of Allegiance
by Thomas DiLorenzo

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