Saturday, October 11, 2003

From David Virtue
Anglican Communion will split, say primate, newspaper

It appears that over half of the 38 world Church leaders are ready to
take a stand. "Our plan is to break," the Primate said, adding that
they would form a new traditional Communion that was identified for
standing by Scripture. "This has been coming."


Diocese of Fond du Lac (Wisconsin) resolution supports orthodoxy
Well, that's nice, but considering this diocese, once part of the Episcopal Church's former 'biretta belt' of Anglo-Catholic dioceses, already has sold out on lady priests, from over here it looks like a case of closing the barn door after the horse has run away.

Which of course leads to the sincere question from Protestants, non-Christians and secular people: why on earth object to lady clergy?

Well, of course the answer is partly 'not of this world'. Like the old Hebrew National kosher hot-dog commercial said, 'we answer to a higher authority'.

As for what's wrong with lady clergy, that's a tough one! Frankly, I don't understand all the issues myself and from my end it's certainly not about misogyny. As a healthy man of course I think women are among God's finest creations!

There are the dogmatic arguments - the priest as an alter Christus or icon of Christ (depending I suppose on which side of the Danube your speaker is from) - which of course I accept, but since you can read that elsewhere, here is where I stand in my own words.

Part of it is a gut feeling that the sexes are complementary, not 100% interchangeable cogs the way secular culture likes to pretend they are, and part of it is obedience to something bigger than me or modernity - the Church Catholic, East and West, yesterday and today. It's never been done, and the consensus is it can't be done.

The sacrificing priests - the kohani* - of Old Testament Judaism were men, and God deliberately took human form as a man to become the one great Priest, Christ. That has to count for something.

*Whence we get the Jewish last name 'Cohen'.

More of the apostolic ministry at work:

Chapel in Russia torn down after ‘gay wedding’
This already has been commented on, under the original story below.

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