Tuesday, October 14, 2003

From David Virtue
What probably will happen in London
'To placate the conservatives, who are threatening a mass walkout, he [Dr Rowan Williams, archbishop of Canterbury] will uphold the Church's traditional ban on gay marriages and the ordination of active homosexuals, despite his more liberal private views on the issue. But Dr Williams will resist pressure to expel the liberal American Episcopal Church over its decision to appoint Anglicanism's first openly active homosexual bishop.'

But 'some 25 of the 38 can safely be thought to be biblically orthodox on matters of faith and morals, with perhaps one or two of the remaining 13 persuaded to vote with them.' So who knows? Maybe at long last 'the empire will strike back' and those Anglicans of the Two-Thirds World who are still Christian will ditch England and America.

Speaking of whom...

The real leader of Anglicanism?
Meet Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, whose province has over four times more people than the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada combined.

Going straight?
About controversial therapy to change sexual orientation from homosexual to healthy. I agree that some people can do it and should have the option - just like cures for anybody with any other handicap. But coercion here would be cruel, like throwing a paraplegic into a lake, and the ideas behind some therapies - going beyond sex and into ideals of masculinity - seem off.* If not having a strong relationship with one's dad while growing up and not being into sports make one homosexual, then why, if he were at liberty to do so, could my father confessor and several ladies tell you I'm not? Plus, once again (putting on my libertarian hat), as citizens people have the right to be wrong, as long as other's rights are respected. (It only becomes a matter for the law when it becomes a public health hazard.) Some of these ideas sound vaguely fascistic and eugenic, forcing the 'odd' into one mold. (Yes, what a better world this would have been if, instead of wasting time on art, Peter Tchaikovsky, Noël Coward and Cole Porter had hung out at a sports bar like 'normal' guys are supposed to.)

Once about a completely different matter - what I discovered on my own years later is Asperger syndrome - I went to a renowned therapist who's written about this stuff. Sorry to say, he was a complete quack who'd discovered that spouting orthodox things in print, while ripping off conservative Christians understandably afraid of secular therapists, was easier to do than and as lucrative as actually practising medicine.

Caveat emptor.

*Not an excuse for homosexual sex acts - of course their wrongness is a non-negotiable.

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