Saturday, October 18, 2003

From The Remnant
Another RC priest deep-sixes the new Mass
Good for him.

Needs comment:

Eastern schismatics, protestants, Jews, Muslims, and pagans are in need of the Sacraments, ecclesial unity, and faith in Christ Crucified for the salvation of their souls.

•The salvation of non-Catholics is a matter of speculation, says the Vatican. The narrow view echoed above is in the spectrum of allowable opinion.
•Even at his narrowest, the worst thing somebody like Fr Smith can call members of the historic Eastern churches is 'schismatics'. He has to believe that they have basic orthodoxy, which is why he has to believe they have real bishops and the real Eucharist.
•And to be fair, which this blog tries to be, really it does, there is far more obnoxious stuff written from the Eastern side about the RC Church - again, in the spectrum of those churches' allowable opinions.

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