Friday, October 17, 2003

From Rome correspondent John Boyden
Russia to rebury tsar’s mother
The Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna: readers of Robert Massie might remember her, Princess Dagmar of Denmark, the merry wife of the formidable Alexander III - who didn't like her daughter-in-law, the reserved, saintly German-English empress Alexandra.

I remember laughing when I saw the children's cartoon Anastasia (yes, I saw it, and not because I was taking any kids) and Angela Lansbury voiced the part with a Russian accent - she was Danish!

You can support this blog by buying the Massie book - read it and be convinced by it that the tsar and his wife are saints. Used copies are only 75 cents US + S&H!

The children's English tutor, Sidney Gibbes, escaped and made it back to England. His contact with the family all those years influenced him so much that he ended up not only converting to Russian Orthodoxy but becoming a priest and monk.

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